David Ian MacKinnon is a Canadian abstract artist.  His work explores the limits of expression found in non-representational forms. 


The building blocks of David’s work come from the art, architecture and landscape that surround him.  David has lived and travelled in Canada, England, Scotland, Spain and South Korea.  He has collected aspects of visual culture from each of these countries.  This collection serves as a mental catalogue that David calls upon in creating his work.   

Painting as a place to think


Symbolism dominates the modern world.  We rarely encounter an image that does not convey some type of symbolic meaning.  I believe that the weight of symbolic meaning has come to obscure the value of the purely aesthetic aspects of the image.  My work provides an escape from the noise of symbolism.  By focusing on simple forms that do not refer to anything outside themselves, my work allows the viewer to meditate on the value of the image in and for itself. 

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